Name: Sydney Georgia Willis
Age: 22 years [22 February 1991]
Date of Admission: 14 May 2007
Former Disorders: Psychopathic Tendencies, Intermittent Explosive Disorder
Current Disorders: Low-grade intermittent explosive disorder
Risk Level: Yellow [Former Red]
Full or Part: Full time patient
Next Review: 14 June, 2013

Sydney Willis is a full time resident of Dalton Asylum. Her red level status was given due to her intermittent explosive disorder in combination with her psychotic tendencies leading to high level risks for other patients. Her every move on the campus is monitored and she is very strong willed and stubborn. She was moved to the asylum by her parents after brutalising a bystander in a brawl.

Sydney had always displayed temperament control issues, but was only admitted to Dalton Asylum at the age of 15 and was immediately involved in an incident among several patients, promoting her to red risk and a single room. Sydney’s psychotic tendencies, though not frequent, lead to her losing almost total control and touch with reality. Her IED makes it difficult for her to connect with others and she enjoys solitary time, though will interact if she wants to, but will refuse to speak if forced into a social situation. Sydney’s twin brother, Spencer, is also housed at Dalton Asylum and the two share a tense sibling relationship.